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Barack Obama 'I have no social life' Obama says he spurns Shared a photo from the user’s father’s yearbook showing the 11-year old Obama, who was nicknamed Barry, protesting with three other children against the burdensome school homework in a Hawaii elementary school. ” placard, while his three classmates raised cardboards written with “We strike,” “Boys Liberation” and “No homework.” The picture instantly went viral with 2,087,000 views and 893 Reddit points. I have no social life' Obama says he spurns parties so he can eat dinner with daughters and help with Obama, 51, said that as his daughters get older he would have more chances to meet and greet in the evening, especially if his daughters build up social lives of their own.

The Case Against Homework - Huffington Post President Obama and his wife Michelle are fond of telling America’s children to do their homework, stay in school, and (yuck) eat their vegetables. To many parents, homework seems as much a part of schooling as lunchroom. French President Vows To Get Rid Of Homework. Read More Value of Homework, Assning Too Much Homework. Obama and No Child Left Behind.

How Mr. Robot Got Obama to Say ‘Tyrell Wellick’ -- In 2008, we elected the most progressive president in history. Someone close to the show informed Vulture that the footage and much of the audio was plucked from existing news conferences, but the lines that are specific to the show were done by an uncannily sed Obama sound-alike. Tags barack obama mr. robot pseudo-cameos.

President and Michelle Obama Lash Out at Donald Trump - The. Trump knows that the border is so unprotected that dangerous criminals and terrorists can cross into America with ease. Known as the “Donald Trump Act,” House Resolution 3099 takes direct aim at cities which don’t enforce federal laws about sanctuary cities. Share; Tweet; Email; More; Save. and “doesn't do his homework, doesn't know basic facts that you'd need to know. Mr. Obama urged his supporters not to be complacent. But he spent more time criticizing Mr. Trump.

No, Mr. Obama, We Are Not the Free Riders' - The There were 295 Americans ed in Afghanistan [war] last year, by the AP’s count.” There are more dying by suicide than in war. Story/apnewsbreak-military-suicides-drop-unclear-20855176“In 2005 alone, there were 6,256 suicides nationally among those who served in the armed forces — about 120 deaths per week.” the hell are they doing to the military??? No, Mr. Obama, We Are Not the Free Riders'. Secretary of State John Kerry and Saudi King Salman Saudi Press Agency / AP.“Or is it the late King Abdullah’s God rest his soul bang on the table when he last met you and told you ‘ No more red lines, Mr. President.’”

Articles No More Evasion Mr. Obama Chooses to 'Scare the President Obama's message to black voters is simple: Stay at home on election day and it equates to a vote for Donald Trump. That was more than ten days ago -- before Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado voted. Following the Santorum sweep, Rick Warren -- the California-based pastor who gave the invocation at Mr. Obama's Inaugural -- condemned the president's move.

NO, MR. OBAMA WE SAUDIS ARE NOT "FREE RIDERS"! - President Obama’s pick for Education Secretary, John King, Jr., is headed for confirmation Mar. King’s track record shows he loves standardized testing and quantifying learning. No, Mr. Obama. We are not “free riders.” We shared with you our intellence that prevented deadly terrorist attacks on is it the late King Abdullah’s God rest his soul bang on the table when he last met you and told you “ No more red lines, Mr. President.”

Barack <em>Obama</em> 'I have no social life' <em>Obama</em> says he spurns
The Case Against <b>Homework</b> - Huffington Post
How Mr. Robot Got <strong>Obama</strong> to Say ‘Tyrell Wellick’ --

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